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PhytoLyte™ is  the Premium Hydration  Multivitamin for Pregnant Moms 

Real Watermelon and Cucumber flavors 

An eye opening 8 year follow up clinical study to the initial Cornell University study discussed in the video shows improved cognitive function,(decision making, attention levels, executive functioning) of children supplemented with VitaCholine™ during pregnancy

Check out the Clinical Review video

Quality Ingredients

Mixes easily in water, no shaker required.

 The American Academy of Pediatrics recognized choline as a ‘brain-building’ nutrient 

PhytoLyte™ Hydration is the Premium Nutrient Dense Drink origionally developed for Ironman endurance athletes to replenish nutrients lost during intense exercise.

What we discovered about one of the ingredients was EXCITING!


Continuing research led us to an "AH HA" moment.

What we discovered is the nutrient choline[as VitaCholine™]; which helps athletes 'focus' & 'enhances cell hydration', was conclusively​ crucial and beneficial for the cognitive & brain development of fetuses, especially in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy.


Educational Video 

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